Janet Jacksonに憧れて沖縄アクターズスクールにて歌とダンスを始め、スーパーモンキーズの一員として 安室奈美恵、MAXとデビュー。
また、沖縄アクターズスクールでインストラクターとして、三浦大知、SPEED、山田 優など数々のアーティストを育て上げる。

振付代表作品は、K-POP artist MYNAME「Helloagain」、NMB48「カモネギックス」





Joy kids theater 

Broadway Musical 「the WIZ 」

MAX NANA主演 「JustDoIt」


Hisako  Arakaki,a former member of Super Monkey's  debut with Namie Amuro and Max in Okinawa.After her retirement as a performer,Hisako who was influenced by Janet Jackson pursued her career as a chereogrpher.During her training days in New York,she won a solo dance championship at world famous Appollo Theatre where many performers and artist like Lauryn Hill begin their road to stardom.


In earlier years in her career,she coached Daichi Miura,Speed,and Yu 

Yamada as an instructor at Okinawa Actors School.


In recent years,Hisako has produced a chereogrph of "Helloagain" by K-POP artist, MYNAME and"kamonegikkusu"by NMB48.And second years in a roll,Hisako has produced a chereogrph of NMB48 for NHK Kohaku Uta Gatsen.Another chereogrph Hisako was involved was "Flying get" and "Heavy Rotation"by AKB48 with Anna Makino.

Hisako now puts her main focus on making Entertainment team of JAPAN. 


And, representativend developing idols,artist,and new talents(beginners).